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The Huddlesford Heritage Gathering is organised jointly by the Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust and The Lichfield Cruising Club. The event was first held in 2004 as part of the Celebr18th Festival in Lichfield, to celebrate a time when canals were a new mode of transportation and Lichfield was at the centre of everything new - in the 18th century.

The most recent event was in September 2017.
For the latest news on the next event in 2019 see the HHG website.  



The first  Gathering was organised as part of the Celebr18th Festival in Lichfield on Saturday 2nd October, to celebrate a time when canals were the new mode of transportation.


 22nd September.
Shows in 2007 had more than their fair share of bad weather, but we made it to most of them!

In 2005 there was a Mayday Gathering. 


The fourth Huddlesford Boat Gathering took place on 19th September 2009,  once again it was a very happy and successful occasion, made even better by the beautiful weather.


We held the fifth Huddlesford Boat Gathering on 17th September 2011, and it was another very happy and successful event, despite an unpromising weather forecast.


Held over the weekend of 21st - 22nd September. This was the first two-day event and marked the 25th anniversary of the trust and proved a great success..


The weekend of 19th - 20th September was blessed with sunny weather. The car park was filled to over-flowing, while the banks from Streethay to Whittington were lined with narrowboats.


More than 6,000 visitors came to Huddlesford Junction over the weekend of 23rd/24th Sept. for the 7th biennial Huddlesford Heritage Gathering.


The next event will be held on September 21st-22nd 2019.
Booking forms are now available for boats and traders. Early booking is advised!