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Trust Policies

Health and Safety Responsibilities

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible, within the conditions imposed, for the health, safety and welfare at work of all the people who are engaged in activities which are under the supervision of the Trust. The Board discharges this duty through its Health and Safety Director.

The Chairman

The Chairman, as the most senior officer of the Trust is responsible to the Board of Directors for securing compliance with legislative provision for safety and for achieving the objectives of the Trust’s Health and Safety Policy. In order to fulfil these responsibilities the Chairman has devolved certain executive duties and authority to the Health and Safety Director.

The Health and Safety Director

The Health and Safety Director is directly responsible to the Chairman for the development, implementation and monitoring of the Trust’s Health and Safety Policy. The Health and Safety Director will:

i) work with other members of the Trust and its consultants to develop safe systems of work.

ii) instigate discussion of health and safety arrangements with the appropriate specialist support services with regard to:

a. planning new operations or methods of work, and

b. designing or acquiring new structures, plant and equipment;

iii) ensure the provision of such information, instruction, training and supervision as may be necessary to ensure the health and safety of those under their control;

iv) establish arrangements to ensure that a properly identified structure exists to deal with situations that may require the full or part evacuation of the area.

v) present a monthly report on Health and Safety to the Board.

The Finance Director

The Finance Director is responsible to the Chairman for the allocation of adequate financial resources to ensure that the Trust can meet its statutory obligations.

Work Party Manager

The Work Party Manager is responsible for the health and safety of volunteers and the public in a work area. In particular they should:

i) arrange that they and all personnel under their control are made aware of their duties and responsibilities regarding health and safety and that all are adequately trained to discharge such duties;

ii) develop and implement emergency plans for their areas of responsibility within the Trust;

iii) monitor health and safety performance levels

iv) work with the Health and Safety Director to provide the board with a monthly health and safety report

Work Party Leaders

Work Party Leaders are responsible for the health and safety of volunteers and visitors in areas under their control. In particular they should:

i) ensure compliance with the systems in place which identify relevant hazards and where necessary alert the Director for Health and Safety for the need to revise or create risk assessments;

ii) consult where appropriate with volunteers


Volunteers should:

i) take reasonable care of themselves and others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

ii) actively participate in any risk assessment relating to the work activity they are engaged in.

iii) so far as is reasonably practicable, maintain satisfactory standards of health, safety and welfare within their authorised areas of responsibility as defined by the Trust’s Health and Safety Policy.

iv) help identify hazards and control measures to reduce the likelihood of an incident/accident occurring.

v) assist in the identification of any deficiencies in the work process and possible improvements.

vi) cooperate with the Trust in meeting its statutory obligations on health and safety.

Health and Safety Responsibility Structure

Work Party Manager

(Currently vacant, Peter Buck acting)

Work Party Leader

of the Public


The Board of Directors


Christine Bull

Health & Safety Policy

Risk Assessments

Trust Strategy and Policies

Work Party Leaders

Revised  August 2017

Work Party Leader

of the Public