December 6th  2015

Another very good turnout of volunteers on Wednesday.  The ground was still very wet but drying rapidly. Work was carried out on the Historic Bywash near pound 24 by Barry and Rick.

Another good length of canal base was prepared and the concrete laid.  Concrete was also poured in the corner where the towpath swings round towards the A51 .  This left a rather short section of the canal base still awaiting concrete.  With all the flood water the black pipe had clogged up and needed attention.  The weekend started in a wet and windy humor. Bob W and crew completed the last bit of concrete down the towpath side. (One can almost hear the Champagne corks popping). But , sorry chaps , there's a lot more to do yet, and it will be hard work with that 'big pipe' still there impeding our progress.  Maybe Uncle Peter will remember us in his Christmas wish list!, and get it moved.

Sunday allowed us to remove the unsightly security fencing around lock 26 which had yet again blown over.  It all looks a lot neater now as we have removed the orange safety netting along pound 25 as well.  A post and rail fence alongside the lock will look better and will be done a.s.a.p.

The remains of the stock of clay were moved to the canal base adjacent to the towpath wall and puddled in

A quick trip down to Summerhill brought me face to face with Roger, Jean and Chris from Stafford.  In gale force winds Roger was laying the hawthorn hedge whilst Jean and Chris had managed to light a fire with the waste. They are making steady progress before the winter sets in, and before the birds resume their occupation of this hedge in the spring.

Total hours this week (Including Summerhill)   178

Hugh Millington    

LHCRT  Working Party Blog   December 2015

Lichfield & Hatherton Canal Restoration Trust

Above - some of the saplings supplied by the Woodlands Trust. Lots more to be planted.

Photos  Christine Howles

December 13th  2015

In spite of the rain and cold, six volunteers turned out on Sunday morning at Summerhill and set about planting a further batch the tree saplings provided by the Woodland Trust.

About 250 trees were successfully planted and protected on the offside (north) bank of the canal alongside the WCL Cranebrook Quarry at Summerhill, and on completion adjourned to The Boat for lunch and to dry out.

The plan is for the Green Team to meet up again next Sunday and complete the Woodland Trust tree planting and also plant up some lengths of Hedging.

Thanks to the team for turning out in such poor weather and achieving a great deal.

Peter Buck    

Pictures show some planting at Tamworth Road last week.

Not a lot to be said about this week except that the poor weather meant that we were only able to do any meaningful work on Wednesday. In fact we had another good turnout of volunteers, fourteen of us reported for work on that day.

The ground was still pretty water-logged which made the going hard. Deliveries of more clay, more sand/ gravel mix and cement bags came on time. In the morning we were able to strike the previous concrete pour's shuttering and reassemble it just in front of the pipes leading into the weir.  Ideally I would have liked to have assembled this shuttering immediately to the left of the big pipe but the soggy ground made this impossible.  The concrete mixing gang  swung into action after lunch and so another block was soon laid.

Barry and Rick did more work on the historic bywash at lock 24. But now need some more old bricks from Summerhill to be able to continue.

No work was done at the weekend.  I went down there on Sunday just in case anybody turned up.  I found the whole area to be almost knee deep in mud so that even had the weather been OK it would have been difficult to do any meaningful work.

We are hoping to gather there again this coming Wednesday,and then we are calling it a day until Wednesday January 6th.  Till then have a 'Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year'.

Hugh Millington    

Photos  Christine Howles