Week ending December 15th.

Our efforts this week have again been centred on the extension of the towpath embankment between the narrows and the A 51 bridge. Recent dry weather and handy source of really good material has enabled us to make significant progress, and the bank is up to its finished height and width for about 1/8th of the total length, which may not sound much, but represents a big step forward after months of muck-shifting and very hard work.

I’d like Peter, if he has time, to estimate how much material has gone into it; certainly it’s into the hundreds of dumper loads. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to complete the job this year, as next Wednesday’s weather forecast is pretty grim and Saturday will be our last shift until the new year.

Lock 26 is ready for concreting, thanks to Barry and Rick-the-brick. Barry deserves a special mention, both for his patience and for the fact that he has brought his own jet washer to thoroughly clean the brickwork so that the new concrete will bond as well as possible. On Sunday morning he was again helped by two Duke of Edinburgh Award lads.

As with the towpath, we can’t finish the job this year, as we can only get concrete on weekdays (at least at the right price). The upside of this is that we should get off to a flying start in the new year.


The hard-worked excavator made its protests in the form of loud squeals from the running gear, investigation of which found that some of the track rollers were worn out or seized, so it seemed wise to replace the whole set, although at considerable expense. Peter Magee arranged their purchase and delivery and they were fitted this morning.

Total volunteer hours this week: 126 by 15 volunteers

Week ending December 21st 2013  

This week’s report is quite short, as we worked only one-a-half days before having a breaking-up party at Saturday lunchtime. The time we worked was, however, productive and saw us adding considerably to the towpath extension earthwork, which is now up to its full height for about 1/3 of its length. Malcolm Cook did some calculations and estimates the volume (as complete) to be in the region of 500 cubic metres, which equates to roughly 1,000 tons/ 500 dumper loads of material. No wonder it’s taking so long!

We resume work on Wednesday 8th. January, 9:30 am.

Total volunteer hours this week: 73 by 12 volunteers

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