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LHCRT  Working Party Blog   December 2016

Corporate Volunteers at Summerhill

Sunday saw the last corporate volunteer group this year at Summerhill with a very enthusiastic group of 10 from Lichfield based Police Mutual  plus a host of supporters plying us with plenty of tasty food and drinks throughout the day

The weather was very cold but the sun shone on the hard working team who set up the timber edging to the Heritage Towpath Trail and placed and compacted stone for a very impressive 45 metre section of the path

A very successful day from another group of friends and we look forward to seeing the Police Mutual team again in the new year

I would like to give a special thanks to our own team of regular Trust volunteers who have spent many hours preparing ahead of each of the corporate days, and also provide continuous support during the corporate days, servicing the visiting volunteers with materials and making the days run smoothly

Our thanks go to all the corporate groups and volunteers who have supported the Trust throughout the year and achieved so much towards our goal of opening the Lichfield Canal Heritage Towpath Trail for the community

Peter Buck

Pupils from Queen’s Croft School tamping down meadow mix seeds

Tamworth Road Work Party
Nov 30th to December 11th.

Christmas is nearly upon is.  In just a few days time in fact.  Our volunteers will be able to have a couple of weeks off over this period and the New Year. On the Trust’s Facebook  pages you will find the actual dates when we  finish  work and restart again in the New Year.

Following on from my last Blog the weather hasn't been quite so dramatic as it was on the night of  November 21st when Storm Angus lashed us with rain.  Consequently Pound 27 has not regained the depth of water we had then.  And we don't yet know whether our remedial work in the leaky weir has cured all it's leak problems.  

I reported in my previous blog that the area beyond the narrows and the A51 has become a 'no go' area, a sea of mud.  However, to keep the job going we have had to do some serious 'mud wallowing'.  


With the digger's tracks almost out of sight in the mud  we have managed to position another ten to twelve pipes alongside the towpath and concrete the canal wall's foundation slabs.  This has enabled the 'brickies' to continue. We will continue to work in this area for as long as possible, but eventually the time will come when we have to wait for the area to dry out.

Thanks to Christine Bull and her band of Queen's Croft School helpers, an area from the tail of lock 24  back towards Cricket Lane, passed the historic bywash that Rick Walters and Barry Parkes painstakingly restored earlier this year, has had it's undergrowth adjacent to the field cleared.   Our volunteers are going to establish a good quality towpath along here, to replace the existing muddy footpath, next year.  Alternative walking areas whilst this work is going on have been made and signs will be erected to assist the walkers from getting under our feet.

Other works that have been undertaken include the making and fitting of a new door for the middle shed on our site.  The previous one fell apart with little persuasion from our digger one day.

Continuing works at Summerhill have, in effect, canceled  out our Saturday working here at Tamworth Road, and I look forward to the day when we can re-establish our normal working days here.  

That's it folks.  Have very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Hugh Millington     
Photos Christine Howles

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