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Volunteers Needed

The Trust relies heavily on volunteers to achieve its aims. We desperately need help in all areas. You can give as little or as much time as you can spare. Experience is not necessary, we can teach you all you want to know.  If you do have experience then so much the better. All you really need is enthusiasm!

We currently have 40+ volunteers of all ages helping us each week of the year.

Together they have attended 22 events, undertaken more than 8,000 hours of construction and ground maintenance work, held 44 internal and planning development meetings, plus numerous external meetings during the year.

The trust has invested over £100,000 on construction projects in 2014 alone.

In 2015 we have a £330,000 project to manage.

Do you have a skill or experience in a particular discipline that you think might be helpful to us, either at a desk or on the ground?

Do you have any spare time that you could commit to the trust?

The Trust requires assistance in these key roles to help take us to the next level:

To learn more about the volunteer-based opportunities that are available for working with the Trust please contact Dora Hancock on 01543264158 or email Volunteering@lhcrt.org.uk  

Help is required in many areas - from laying bricks to clearing weeds, from making cakes to planting trees, and occasionally even dressing up!  And behind the scenes there are many people working at home who never get photographed…

Read the article ‘Bringing the Canal back to Lichfield’
(or Why I Became a Volunteer)  by Christine Howles

Ask us today about the new volunteer posts!  Visit Do-it for more info and to register an interest