April 19th

Involving A New Generation

The sight of  61 year 6 pupils from St Michael’s C of E Primary School progressing across the Tamworth  Road towards lock 25 was a sight to gladden the heart.  They came to visit us on the gloriously sunny afternoon of 19th April. Peter Buck, Hilary Smith and Mike Battisson had visited their school in March to talk to them about “Canals and the Victorians” and this was a return visit to allow the children to see for themselves what we are trying to restore.

Armed with pencils, question sheets and clipboards, they were divided into four groups and had to answer questions in a quiz devised by Peter Buck and the head of year six, Mrs R Moseley.  There was a great deal of discussion as they read through the notice boards on the site to find out when the canal was built or was closed, what was the date on the large coping stone, where will the Lichfield Canal join the Coventry Canal, what is the purpose of the ladder built into the wall of the lock and many other searching questions. Peter Buck and Hilary Smith were once again on hand to help the pupils find the information that they needed and to answer a battery of other questions that the youngsters asked.  When the pupils had completed one section of questions, they moved on to the next area on the site to complete the next part of their quiz. At the end of an hour all the groups had answered the questions in four areas and were ready to walk back up to school.

It would be nice to think that the visit might have ignited a spark of interest in a few of the children and that they may think of the canal in Lichfield as their canal.

Hilary Smith

Photos: Paul Marshall

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St. Michael’s School Visit