September 13th 2015

A below average turnout on Wednesday of just 7 volunteers.  It was good to see our new volunteers Trevor and Robert again and also to see Keith restored to good health.

The day saw another large area of concreting laid.  The access ramp was then relocated to enable us to continue concreting towards our ultimate goal, the weir.

Time at the end of the day enabled me to give four of our newest volunteers training on the safe operation of the dumper truck. Hopefully Adrian Sturgess will be able to get them their 'ticket' to operate this equipment without supervision soon.  At the weekend our famous four Youths were involved with the restoration of the historic bywash. And a smaller section of concrete was laid on Sunday.  More sandbags were filled.

This coming weekend it is the H.H.G. at Huddlesford, so see you all there.  Normal Tamworth Road activity will resume on  23rd.

Hours worked this week :-  93

Hugh Millington

September 6th 2015

A excellent turnout on Wednesday, including two new volunteers.

More progress on the concrete slab.  We have now reached the intermediate access ramp which we will temporally deviate to allow another section of concrete to be laid then we will restore the ramp to it's present position and then continue concreting towards the weir.

This week the lads also filled 100 sandbags, alas another 100 bags will need to be filled as well.  These bags will be used to form a temporary dam across the canal when we start to flood it subsequent to the big pipe's removal. The pipe from the bywash into the big pipe has been removed and replaced with light weight plastic pipe.  This has enabled us to concrete that area underneath where the original pipe was.

To repeat myself, on Wednesdays an extra digger and dumper truck would be most helpful when we seem to have a good turnout and make best use of the manpower available.

Hour worked this week 156

Hugh Millington

Photos  Christine Howless


September 12th 2015

The young Trust volunteers at Tamworth Road set about doing a "Time Team" investigation of the unusual Circular Bywash to the side of old lock 24.

Although the area had been cleared of vegetation, the weir, side walls and entry tunnel have remained buried for many years, but much of the structure has been exposed after a lot of hand digging and scraping by our crack team!

Barry Parkes now has a plan to restore the brickwork structure and is sourcing the necessary brick specials from  along the full length of the canal.

This was the second job of the day for our young volunteers, the first job of the day firing into life one of the petrol strimmers, which equipped Roger Barnet and his towpath maintenance team to work on the Heritage Towpath Trail at Darnford Heath.

Peter Buck

Lichfield & Hatherton Canal Restoration Trust

September 27th 2015

A good turnout on Wednesday but another disappointing attendance on the weekend days. However more progress was made on the concreting, another 6 meters laid.

Barry and Co. showed good progress on the historic bywash adjacent to pound 24. (Go down and see it folks)

Some clay was moved to the base of the canal where it was rolled to breakdown hard lumps.  This requires more rolling and hydrating to make it workable before placing alongside the towpath wall. Much work is still required on the 2:1 batter prior to lining. We now could do with a definitive decision on the lining materials that will be used.

There is a feeling of growing excitement at the prospect of the 'big pipe' coming out, at which time we will need all the help we can get. The weather this year has been to our advantage with very little time lost to rain, but now pound 26 is desperately short of water.

Finally, what more could we have done with a second digger.  A lot me thinks but alas we never got it.

Hours worked this week      115

Hugh Millington

Photos: Christine Howles

LHCRT  Working Party Blog   September 2015