Week ending May 2nd

In spite of dire warnings of inclement weather over this weekend gone, the rain stayed away except for Saturday night.  Sunday morning saw standing water around the slipway area which needed pumping out before we could start work.

Thanks to the efforts of Rick the Brick on Wednesday, and the other eight stalwarts, great progress was made to the slipway wall furthest from the lock. And on Saturday the volunteer force began the task of underpinning the wall between the slipway and the bywash  exit.  Work on Saturday also included a lot of much needed grass cutting.  This enabled the underpinning slots to be concreted on Sunday by a small but enthusiastic group of volunteers.  

Sundays work party also prepared for concreting the slipway wall base to the lock side of the slipway.

At this point in time I do not have details of who was present at the Saturday work party, nor do I know if any work has been done over this last week at Summerhill. Will let you know as soon as possible the volunteer hours worked

May I take this opportunity to shout out loud and clear that we at Tamworth Road are getting desperately close to needing the the big land drain concrete pipe to be removed.  Will those who have the ear of the Environmental  Agency, who have to agree to its removal, please push for their co-operation.

Total volunteer hours:   137

Hugh Millington

              Photos  Christine Howles

The culvert is nearing  completion.  It still has to be secured to it's base and end  pieces attached prior to back filling it up to the canal level.

Photos Hugh Millington

Week ending May 10th

The work party on Wednesday was a complete washout.

Saturday saw eleven bodies down at Tamworth Road of which four of these were our enthusiastic youths.

Work continued on the underpinning of the wall adjacent to the new slipway towards lock 27 and work continued on the new wall on the far side of said slipway.

The lads were engrossed in the garage working on the 'Boat Inn' sign rescued from Summerhill.  (A bit of a  repaint job)

Sunday, a bright sunny day, saw the return of Rick the Brick from his Italian Hols. Great progress was made on the brick laying front.  The rest of the gang prepared a large area on the canal base adjacent to the big pipe for concreting on the forthcoming Wednesday.  Meanwhile the lads, three of them, did a sterling job of grass cutting and hedge trimming.

Total volunteer hours:   108

Hugh Millington

Click for a larger view                Photos  Christine Howles

The culvert is now at it’s full length and the end pieces are on.       

What A difference a couple of months makes!          MARCH 1st

The new hedging west of the Aqueduct is all growing well.

Photos Paul Marshall

Week ending May 17th

This weeks work again concentrated at Tamworth Rd. where we continued with the brickwork around the slipway.  Further work was done in the canal base, concreting yet another section and preparing the next section for future concreting.

The day was interrupted by a request for half a dozen bods to attend a training session, held at the MEL site at Weeford Island.  This training was with regard to PPE (personal protection equipment).  This seriously affected the second half of the day and we did not achieve all that we hoped for. However the training session was of great value and I hope we all learned more of it's importance.

At the end of the day the Pied Piper in disguise of Bob Williams arrived with about 24 Beaver Scouts in tow.  I hope they were impressed by the canal and the demonstration of the digger.

Saturday and Sunday's volunteer turnout was disappointing but still good work was done.  We now have about five areas that are ready for concreting and I have arranged for concrete to be delivered on Wednesday so again all hands to the pump to help rake and shovel it.

Elsewhere The Stafford continued to do good work on the Summerhill stretch of the canal.  Keith Grice also spent a few happy days at that end getting to grips with the new digger and dumper.

Total volunteer hours:   155

Hugh Millington

Photos Christine Howles

Beavers from the 7th Lichfield Scout Group pay a visit

“We met by Lock 25 at 5:30 (on 13th May) and 19 of them plus leaders/parents strolled about the site as far as the narrows, learning some new words about the canal features. Hugh put on a brief excavator demonstration.

They ended with a badge presentation event (see picture) and handed me a collection from their pocket money of
£7-50! I have listed this as an exceptional item in the next CBW. They were all given a ruler or bookmark, a recent CBW and our yellow brochure.”

Bob Williams

Week ending May 24th

Back from yet another holiday to find, as expected, that great progress had been made in the slipway area, with brick-and blockwork already well advanced, more concrete laid and more ground prepared. In addition a lot of effort has gone into grass-cutting and strimming; the whole area looks very smart.

The slipway is shuttered and the reinforcement in place ready for a load of ready-mix on Wednesday morning, after which it only remains to build up the wing walls and another important part of the jigsaw will be in place.

Thanks to everyone for their efforts and to Hugh for holding the fort, ordering materials and keeping the blog up to date in my absence.

Total volunteer hours:   155

Photos: Christine Howles

May 27th - the concrete has been poured

Crane Brook Culvert Nears Completion

May 30th       Photos by Paul Marshall

Week ending May 31st

A very satisfactory week’s work to report, with good progress both at Tamworth Rd. and at Summerhill. On Wednesday a big crew assembled ready for the ready-mix to complete the main part of the slipway. Good weather, good preparation and a prompt delivery meant that the job was completed by late morning, leaving us the afternoon to continue with other jobs. While Barry and Rick continued building the slipway walls the rest of us finished preparing another section for concreting. With ideal conditions and plenty of hands it was too good an opportunity to miss, so we got stuck in and loaded the mixer like men possessed, working well past our usual finishing time, but with a good job done.


The weekend saw a disappointingly small workforce split into 2, some at Tamworth Rd. and some at Summerhill. The T.R. gang continued the brickwork, blockwork and infill of the slipway walls, while those at Summerhill accepted the offered use of contractor’s machines to move large quantities of material from the canal sides to build up the level on top of the newly- installed culvert. This operation was marred by our “new” 5 ton excavator shedding a track, causing a long delay. Further examination prompted us to invest in a new set of tracks; we knew they were worn when we bought the machine, but as this was reflected in the price we can’t complain. The new ones should arrive and be fitted in a couple of days.

Total volunteer hours:   166 by 18 volunteers

Photos: Christine Howles

Terry Brown

By Terry Brown  (pictured right)

Lichfield & Hatherton Canal Restoration Trust

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