Week ending January 25th

Sorry to report that we did only 2 days this week, due to me making a bad call on Wednesday’s weather and ground conditions. As this is usually our best-attended day the figures are well below normal. On Saturday, without enough bodies to make an impression at Tamworth Rd., we went up to give Roger, Jean and Pat a hand at Muckley Common, before giving Adrian and Dr. Richard a tour of the Summerhill site. About a dozen of the gang have been up there now and are all keen to get stuck into it ( perhaps it’s thanks to the warm welcome and excellent soup we get at “The Boat”. Try it sometime! ) With various volunteer groups showing interest in helping us we should make rapid progress.

A good turnout on Sunday allowed  us to concrete another sizeable area below Lock 26, where we now have a plan for the removal of the “big pipe” and the construction of the slipway, 2 important projects to occupy us until we can return to work on the winding hole.

Total volunteer hours:   67  by 12 volunteers

Week ending January 18th 2015

Despite the very cold weather a few hardy souls turned up and made some really good progress downstream of Lock 26, the focus of our efforts until the winding hole area dries out. We’ve excavated and prepared for concreting another stretch of about 20 yards, between the towpath wall and the big pipe, which is now exposed on one side as far the access ramp to the bed of the pound. Although we concreted a short section on Wednesday the increasingly sharp frosts have made it unwise to continue (concreting), for the time being at least.

Earlier in the week Bob Houghton arranged for himself, Hugh and me to visit the Ashby Canal site at Measham, where their Engineer, Geoff Purslove, gave us a very helpful and informative tour of the site, a well-finished and pleasant stretch of waterway, and a vision of what our own efforts will produce in the near future.   Ashby Canal Trust website.

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold to help us make another useful contribution; it may not seem much, but every few yards done now gets us nearer our target.

Total volunteer hours:   90  by 11 volunteers

Hugh and Terry and a fresh slab of concrete.

 From our Facebook Group

Too wet -  conditions in early January

Weeks ending January 11th  2015

After our customary midwinter break we had a very gentle return to work. With conditions at Tamworth Rd. still unfavourable, it seemed a good time to introduce some of the gang to Summerhill, our new site between The Boat pub and the M6 Toll aqueduct. After the fairly strenuous walk to the aqueduct and back we had little choice but to drop into the pub for warmth and refreshment. The licensees are very friendly, interested and supportive of our efforts. That was Wednesday and Saturday, but with drier conditions on Sunday we got down to a bit of proper work, and although there were only 4 of us we managed to prepare another section below Lock 26 for concreting. We now have a clear plan for this area, but the presence of the massive  manhole combining the bywash , big pipe and a further storm drain will be a hindrance for some weeks.  

Total volunteer hours:   59  by 10 volunteers

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