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Site of Brickyard thought to be the source of bricks for the nearby Whittington Barracks.


Private property - no access

13.86 Km.

8.61 Mls.

Distance from Catshill

Distance from Huddlesford

0.04 Km.

0.02 Mls.

There were brickmakers in Whittington in 1840, but the industry did not take off until the 1870’s when William Thomas opened his brickyard at Huddlesford.  Clay was dug out of the local pits that are still in evidence today and the coal would have been shipped in by the recently completed railway line to the Cannock Chase coalfield.

The bricks were needed to build the barracks at Whittington.  William remained the master brick builder until 1880.  He moved to Mill Street, Walsall, where he died on 9th November 1887.  The business passed over to Harry Hodgkins and his family until its eventual closure in the 1890’s.

Bob Houghton’s Whittington Trades History  lists the workers at the brickyard  from 1841 up to 1911.

Site of Brickyard

South of canal

Relative Position

Restoration phase


Photo: O.S. Map from 1883 clearly shows the Brick Yard

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