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Historic Mill known as Bunnings, Bullins or Cappers Mill.  Research by Bob Houghton suggests there was a Mill on the site in 1705 and may be mentioned in the Doomsday Book.

Bob’s document on Whittington Trades History  lists millers from 1753 when Thomas Capper was the first miller, up to 1921.

Now  converted to a private residence.


Private property - no access

13.10 Km.

8.14 Mls.

Distance from Catshill

Distance from Huddlesford

0.80 Km.

0.50 Mls.

Bunnins (Cappers) Mill

South of canal

Relative Position

Restoration phase


Photos: The condition prior to building  work in 2003. The water mill at Mill Farm is the only original building and dates back 150+ years.

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