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This unusual circular bywash design was built in 2009.

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11.10 Km.

6.89 Mls.

Distance from Catshill

Distance from Huddlesford

Lock 25 Circular Bywash

On canal line

Relative Position

Restoration phase

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Trail Map 6

2.80 Km.

1.74 Mls.

Photo: High standard of weir and dropshaft construction under scrutiny

Part of WRG North West team help build the base to Lock 25 bywash in May 2009

A bywash forms an overflow by diverting surplus water over a weir instead of allowing  it to flow over the lock gates. It then flows via a small tunnel into the lower lock.

An unusual circular design has been used to make it a distinctive feature of this canal in future. A footpath around it to the best disability access standard will cross a small bridge over the spillway.

See also the more usual bywash design at Lock 24.

Constructing the distinctive drop shaft for Lichfield Canal Lock 25 bywash, August 2009