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Distance from Catshill

Distance from Huddlesford

Lock 22 and Shortbutts Lane

On canal line

Relative Position

Restoration phase

Drawing by Duncan A Moore.   Click to enlarge

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Trail Map 6

Photo:  Shortbutts Lane bridge in 1955

Photo: View of the railway from the east side.

Old Lock 22 and Shortbutts Lane are shown in the drawing  above.Re-routing of the canal is required here to avoid the Sandfields area which has been extensively rebuilt.

The new Lock 22 will be a structure with a rise of 3.0m lifting the canal to  match the design level of the Birmingham Road Culvert. (See next page)

Lock 22 would include a towpath turnover bridge across the tail of the lock to link the shared use section of the bypass footway/cycleway back to the south side of the canal where the towpath continues towards the railway and Birmingham Road.