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Fossway Signal Box is a LNW type 3 signal box, which was built in 1875. the signal box was then re-framed in 1890 with a better design.

After an uneventful existence, closure came 98 years later, on 16th December 1973 when the crossing was automated with Automatic Half-Barriers supervised by Lichfield City No1. The box remained however, as the crossing attendant's accommodation for times when the barriers were on 'local control'.


8.00 Km.

4.97 Mls.

Distance from Catshill

Distance from Huddlesford

5.90 Km.

3.67 Mls.

More on the Walsall to Lichfield Railway Line

and the South Staffordshire Line website.

More on the Fosseway Lane Signal Box

Fosseway Lane Signal Box & Level Crossing

On canal line

Relative Position

Restoration phase


Photo: Signal Box next to Fosseway Lane crossing.

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Trail Map 4

Photo: View looking along the canal route to the crossing point where the van is  parked.

Video: Walsall to Lichfield railway as it passes Fosseway and approaches Sandfields. It is just possible to see water in the canal. Filmed in 1958.
See the whole video here.

The railway paralleling the canal crossing Fosseway Lane was opened in 1849 as the South Staffordshire Railway from Walsall to Wichnor, with John Robinson McClean of colliery and water renown as a leading light.  Regular passenger trains ceased in 1965, but occasional excursions used it till 1984, when the line closed completely south of Anglesea sidings by the A5. Freight (oil) trains to here from the Lichfield direction continued till 2001; it is now disused but not closed, hence new bridges over the Toll Road and the Lichfield Southern bypass, The whole trackbed through to Walsall is understood to be still owned by Network Rail, and it may at some time be reopened, though there is no current scheme for this.