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The privately owned canal channel and towpath remain as abandoned to the North of the Pumping Station.


Private property - no access

Distance from Catshill

Distance from Huddlesford

From the Doomsday Project 1986:

The pumping station was constructed and brought into service in 1910 and  electrified in 1973. The source of the supply is four boreholes sunk into Bunter Sandstone and pebble beds, the maximum depth of boreholes being 169.5m. There are four vertical spindle, two stage borehole pumps and two Sulzer vertical four stage booster pumps.

The average amount of water pumped daily is 2,850,000 gallons. Treatment consists of the addition of chloras into the suction tank. Fluoridation is to begin in 1985/86. An alarm system gives out a signal in the foreman's cottage on site.

Pipe Hill supplies water to parts of the following areas:- Sutton Coldfield, Shenstone, Wall, Brownhills, Aldridge, Little Aston, Walsall, Great Barr.

Pipehill Pumping Station

South of canal

Relative Position

Restoration phase

Photo:  Pipehill Pumping Station

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