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This new lock is required to allow canal access under the A461 Walsall Road where new road elevation does not permit a hump back bridge to the original dimensions.

Like Lock 9B, this will have a relatively low rise, about 1 metre, because these two locks will effectively replace the former Lock 9, sharing the rise between them.

This is the start of the Summerhill section leading west down to the Aqueduct. Restoration began in 2015 with an SIB grant.

Point of Interest Nearby

The Boat Inn is adjacent.


Private property - no access

5.19 Km.

3.22 Mls.

Distance from Catshill

Distance from Huddlesford

8.71 Km.

5.41 Mls.

New Lock 9A

On canal line

Relative Position

Restoration phase

Photo: View back towards the road from the approximate position of the Lock

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Trail Map 3

Photos: Then and Now. Looking away from the A461 bridge. The Boat Inn on the left.