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Entertainment from Pinxton Puppets and Andy’s Childrens Funfair.

Young and old alike could enjoy a go in our mini-digger as long as they were over 4’6” tall. Expert tuition provided here by Peter Magee and Terry Brown.

Lichfield Bower Queen arrived on site in a 1925 Peugeot 172R driven by John Horton.  

Above - Queen Savannah Bennett and her deputy Charlotte Aspley, suitably attired in authentic Edwardian costume, pose for a photo in a 1907 Lion Peugot veteran car.

The 25th anniversary cake was cut by Savannah alongside the  Sherrif of Lichfield, Terry Thomas and his wife, with Olivia and Isobel Weetman who presented flowers.

Below - Peter Buck assists the Lichfield Mercury photographer by holding a radio-controlled flash gun.

The party then enjoyed a trip up the cut on Daysy piloted by Barry Parkes and Keith Grice. Watch a video of the trip.

Musical entertainment featured strongly both days

Above left - Saxamejig

Above right - Two of The Travelling Goosberries

Right - Lichfield Lighthouse Company

Below - Eric Wood tuning up.

On Sunday morning a short service was led by Andy of St. Giles, Whittington.  Much missed departed supporters Trish Humphries, Bobby Battisson,  and Christine Potter were  remembered.

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